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Import Invites - Component + Plugins

  • trail
  • trail
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18 years 1 month ago #9614 by trail
I've created a neat invite system component that can work with the excellent scripts from that retrieve contacts from Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, MSN and AOL.

This is THE best marketing and traffic increasing tool for joomla based websites!

This screenshot is for Hotmail:

The striped gray are users that already exist in joomla database.

The striped pink users are users that have already been invited by that same user in the past week.

As extra fun on a community site i have created 3 free silent plugins, one that gives the user who invited someone 5 karma when that someone signs up using the email adress they got invited with, another plugin auto connects them in in CB, and another plugin will send the inviter a message that his friend signed up.

Backend screeny:

Live dutch demo: (use test/test to login),com_importinvite/Itemid,153/

Live english demo: (use test/test) (thanks to svetlozar for donating scripts for the english demo site),com_importinvite/Itemid,68/

This commercial joomla component is mainly intended for corporate environments that understand the value of this extreme marketing tool.

The Import Invite component uses the commercial import plugins sold seperately at: the scripts are reduced in price and currently cost 100 dollars for all, or even 78 without future updates!

The component is not really suited for ppl who are used to getting everything for free from the free community.

I know most of you will find the price steep.

However, programmers cannot make everything for free.

Consider this component suited for companies that know the value of obtaining the best of the best marketing systems.

After that disclaimer, here comes the suggested price:

The component that holds import scripts (not included) will cost about 175 dollars. The final price is decided when development has finished and the first release is planned.

The scripts pull up the relevant data from each provider and the component checks for already existing email adresses in the joomla registered user database and marks existing ones gray with a stripetrough. Then the emails that did not yet exist in the joomla database are stored in a table along with possible invitation time. This causes the email to become marked purple with a stripetrough whenever the same user tries to invite this email again within a week.
The component also prepares the data that is used by the optional plugin to update karma for succesfull invites.

The first free plugin will update the user who invited the person with the email adress that just confirmed his registration.

A second free plugin creates the CB connection between the invited user and the inviter.

A third free plugin sends a private message about the friend signing up to the inviter. For UDDEim or PMS based sites. (There is no support for this plugin as i am not an udde or pms expert but it seems to work just fine)

All plugins are freely included with the component but are not essential for operation. (so you do not really need CB, nor joomlaboard, nor PMS/UDDE to run this, it is just a cool and free extra bonus)

You need to buy the import scripts you wish to use seperatly from .

I believe that each seperate import script costs 25 dollars. All 5 scripts are 100 including updates, without updates all scripts are 78 dollars. These prices are svetlozars prices and might be subject to change. Do not hold me to these figures as i am not the owner of those scripts.

So to recap: The ImportInvite component takes 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 scripts depending on your needs. New or more scripts can be extended later.

Svetlozar will send updates for each import script you buy, if you choose to buy that option by paying 100 dollars for all scripts.

I will provide updates for the component and plugin whenever that is needed, but the idea is to make it stable after development has finished.

All settings are now done through the backend menu and all language resides in proper language files.

Like Svetlozar, i will not provide any refunds for any reason. You must ensure that your target server has all the components needed to run the scripts. This includes PHP with enabled cURL and OpenSSL.

Example cURL information extracted from phpinfo():

CURL support enabled
CURL Information libcurl/7.14.0 OpenSSL/0.9.8a zlib/1.2.3


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  • dsendecki
  • dsendecki
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18 years 1 month ago #9618 by dsendecki
Replied by dsendecki on topic Re:Import Invites - Component + Plugin
Great Trail -- I'll PM you -- what is the cost?

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  • Marc72
  • Marc72
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18 years 1 month ago #9630 by Marc72
Replied by Marc72 on topic Re:Import Invites - Component + Plugin
Thats a really great Marketing Tool. I would like to implement it at my Community. How to get it and for how much €?


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  • justberare
  • justberare
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18 years 1 month ago #9647 by justberare
Replied by justberare on topic Re:Import Invites - Component + Plugin
I was waiting for that for years !!

How much will it be ?

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  • tramp
  • tramp
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18 years 1 month ago #10273 by tramp
Replied by tramp on topic Re:Import Invites - Component + Plugin
This sounds really good,

I will be keeping my eyes on this one, i have no qualms with rewarding coders who produce exellent ideas and code!

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  • chac416
  • chac416
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18 years 2 weeks ago #11905 by chac416
Replied by chac416 on topic Re:Import Invites - Component + Plugin
I found this company that offer Gmail, hotmail and yahoo for only 50$ (all for 50 NOT each)

so i am wondering if they can be integrated with joomla and the plugin trail made ...

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