Weird issue with tab with html code...

9 years 3 months ago #141254 by Johnnydement

I have a tab made of delimiters, showing different gaming profiles for users, the problem it's buging the profiles out,and I don't know why...

I attach an image comparing how the profile looks with 4 different browsers...

Also, in firefox, and IE, the sigs are taking AGES to load...

In firefox, the missplaced groups (supergroups) tab looked fine before creating the sigs tab...

Your feedback on the JED helps us improve Kunena. ;)
9 years 3 months ago #141255 by Johnnydement
Repliing cause I'm dumb and forgot to suscribe thread :P

Your feedback on the JED helps us improve Kunena. ;)
9 years 3 months ago #141286 by krileon
No two browsers render alike (aside from Chrome and Safari as they have same engine). Issues like you're experiencing are template related (slowness is just due to IE being crappy) and should be adjusted with CSS specific to browsers. This is something web developers have been battling for years, cross platform support. Most browsers are standards compliant such as FF and Chrome while others not such much like ALL IE releases and Opera (latest Opera is pretty good now though). At any rate, you'll need to adjust the CSS of your template to accommodate other browsers and is not a bug.

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