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9 years 8 months ago #144152 by baparks
A quick note to ALL moderators was created by baparks
I've spent the better part of the day googling and searching the CB forums for a way to apply some styling and/or css to the cb_login module.

First off I'll say that I know I'll either be ignored or get a bunch of flack for what I'm about to say but personally feel it needs to be said.

Some of the moderators here are really kind of short, vague and down-right nasty in response to people who turn here for help. I've actually winced at a few of the curt responses. Not cool.

This hasn't happened to me as yet, but at least by spending more than half the day reading post and responses (before I ask my question) I know what to expect.

For the most part, we realize your time is valuable, and more often than not we tend to forget to say thank you.

Thank you. Sincerely. Thank you.

Trust me when I say that we realize that without your knowledge and skill sets most of us would be lost.
Just PLEASE. Don't rub our noses in it.

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9 years 8 months ago #144242 by krileon
Replied by krileon on topic Re:A quick note to ALL moderators
Your opinion is appreciated. At times we all have our bad days. Of course it's not warranted in every situation, but some users absolutely refuse to listen to us; getting nasty isn't the best approach but for a certain set of people it is what gives them a push they need. When we ask a user to do something 4 times in a row and they still give us the run around, it's frustrating.

The bottom line is if users are going to ask for help; do what we tell you to do or don't ask for help. We WILL put you through a debug process if there is a potential issue, humor us and please go through the process with us.

As for issues such as CSS or custom code development we do not assist with these matter. We're not a consultation site nor a training site nor a contract development site. Most users refuse to realize web development is a learning process and if they don't know CSS it's time to learn. I always try to provide those users with the resources they need in order to learn as well from fantastic free tutorial sites. Certainly users don't expect on the Joomla forum for the Joomla team to develop their site for them, so why is the same expectancy from us? It's a sense of entitlement is all.

I would LOVE to help each and every user design or work out any cosmetic issues, but the fact remains I just don't have the time. From time to time I will help and go out of my way to do this, but not often. I at the very least will for say CSS issues provide you the classes or HTML issues provide you the files (with the we don't support core edits disclaimer of course).

Please also understand we too receive A LOT of flak from users. A lot feel "entitled" to everything we developed be theirs free and open source. However, reality of it is we have families to feed and shamefully free open source does NOT pay the bills. We've attempted a donation model for years (long before I joined), but only nearly (guesstimate) 2% of the user base (if that) would donate. On top of this the constant push for releases is frustrating at times, we're all working well over 50 hours a week dedicated entirely to CB development; so believe me we are trying to release quickly and efficiently. However, we use a very very strict review process.. who would want a security vulnerabilities? No one, so we review very very closely and strictly. Every line of code is scrutinized.

I welcome everyone to share their experience and don't be besides your self to give us some suggestions. We're always open to suggestions whether it be our moderation/support capabilities or development capabilities, etc.. We simply ask that you be respectful and polite about your suggestions.

Kyle (Krileon)
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