List heading shows site name instead of list name

5 years 1 day ago #271156 by Yxos
What's the difference between a "bug" and a "design flaw"?

Do you really believe that that showing a limited number of users along with the text "<Sitename> contains X active users" is how it was designed to work? Or a "feature".
When the site contains more than 500 users, a statement where X=4 is surely wrong!

To a certain extend you are right. It is a design! Not a very good one, but still a design, if you prefer. I still call it a bug!

Anyway, thanks for bringing the topic futher in the new request you made! Appreciate that!

In the meantime I will try to see if I can find the source and make an advance correction.
Any hints to where in the Source code is very welcome!


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5 years 1 day ago - 5 years 1 day ago #271162 by Yxos
First investigation led me the the default language.php file; where I found this in line 1534:
'SITENAME_HAS_TOTAL_REGISTERED_MEMBERS'	=>	'[SITENAME] has %%TOTAL%% registered member|[SITENAME] has %%TOTAL%% registered members',
This actualy confirms you statement, Nick. It WAS designed that way.
I wonder how someone can design this, deliberately putting the variable TOTAL in the same line as [SITENAME], but apparently you were right.

Next thing for me is to find the place where SITENAME_HAS_TOTAL_REGISTERED_MEMBERS is refered. I haven't been lucky so far...


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