List view cutting off List Changer and List Search

5 years 4 months ago #263916 by mmadzia
When viewing a user list on my site, the cbUserListChanger and cbUserListSearch dropdowns are bing cut off in the display. This seems to be because the DIV containing the cbUserListResultCount has the parameters <div class="cbColumn9 col-sm-9"> , while the DIV containing the List Changer and Listsearch have parameters stating <div class="cbColumn3 col-sm-3">

If I change the class parameters for both DIVs to class="cbColumn6 col-sm-6" it appears to resolve the display issue are there any configurable options to change the size of these DIVs, or could someone point e out to the code where I can modify this manually?

I am running:

Joomla! version, 3.4.1.
Joomla Theme favourite-template_j!3_3.2
PHP 5.5.17
mySQL 5.5.32

I attached screenshots of the default column sizes showing the display issue, and when I changed the column size in Chrome DevTools showing the correctly displayed buttons.

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5 years 4 months ago #263921 by nant
I cannot replicate with default Joomla template.

Please test on your site using default joomla template - if everything works, then you need to focus on your template as it is most likely causing your issue.

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