Error seaching for users in backend

5 years 3 months ago #265881 by dandpclements
Error seaching for users in backend was created by dandpclements
I am getting this error when using search tools in the community builder list of users

unknown column 'a.block' in 'where clause' SQL=SELECT COUNT( DISTINCT a.`id` ) FROM `tqcr_comprofiler` AS a INNER JOIN `tqcr_users` AS b ON b.`id` = a.`id` LEFT JOIN `tqcr_session` AS c ON c.`client_id` in (0,1) AND c.`userid` = a.`id` LEFT JOIN `tqcr_user_usergroup_map` AS d ON d.`user_id` = a.`id` WHERE ( a.`block` = 0 )

I was searching for disabled users - the other search drop down fields appear to work ok

cb 2.0.9 joomla 3.4.1

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