field fax transformed to acceptedterms?!

3 years 9 months ago #274110 by websquirrel

finally I upgraded old version (1.9) to new and am experiencing some strange issues. For example the former field "fax" seemed to be manipulated and is now a system field with Name "acceptedterms" but with Titel "_UE_FAX"! Most critical about it is, that the type is "Terms ans Conditions" instead of "Text Field" and so all data got lost and front end display is irritating (is says "no" everywhere instead of displaying fax number).

See screenshots.

Did anybody experience this issue, too? Do you have any solution? I thought about a hack of database but this seemed to brutal to me
3 years 7 months ago #276588 by bcraigie
Yes, me too. looking for a fix for this CB bug...

In the meantime, I have removed the _UE_FAX from the title and changed it to Terms and Conditions. I suspect the field ID numbers have got confused in an upgrade. Luckily I did not use the Fax field but in your case, it will be a problem if people did have have numbers in their profiles.

Surprised nobody from Joomlapolis has responded to this yet..
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