GroupJive 2.3 Event date can not be set in past

11 years 8 months ago - 11 years 8 months ago #168552 by iglew
Joomla v1.5.23, CB 1.4, GJ 2.3 Kunena 1.6.3 - 1.6.4 Template Joomlarts T3 blank

Have seen the bug report and other thread have now identified issue and have a workround

Further detailed testing showed that we are also getting this issue - additional details which we hope will help you identify the issue

- Occurs whether owner, mod or user
- Not random happens every time an event is saved
- occurs whether date is entered or selected from popup calender
- occurs even if the event is years in the future
- occurring on our dev server which is in time sync with the local machines
- 1 hour time offset for daylight saving
- clean install of CB and GJ

Our installs are completely clean, no prior install of cb or any other component

Krileon you gave us the starting point when you said "some installs" further detailed testing identified an issue in core cb when searching on dates for the mass mailer. When searching on dates everything was always selected. It was at this point we realised that even with a clean install there was always 1 thing we changed in core cb - the date format. We had always changed this to dd/mm/yy.

So changed dd/mm/yy to yyyy/mm/dd in core cb...
1) advanced search works perfectly on install that had previously failed
2) groupjive events work on the previously failing install

Obviously the date input boxes display yyyy/mm/dd rather than dd/mm/yyyy.

Reset core cb date to dd/mm/yy from yyyy/mm/dd problems with mass mailer and GJ events immediately reoccur in previously working install. Reset and lo it works again.

Hope that this helps you replicate/identify the issue if you need further info/testing please email us.

Hope that this work round helps others with a similar problem.

The proof for this is ...

1) leave date as dd/mm/yy in cb create an event directly in mysql - it will appear in the relevant group but the date will be in red and shown as 1970 January 01 irrespective of the date entered.
2) change cd date format to yyyy/mm/dd
3) view the event entry in GJ and it will be ok
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11 years 8 months ago #168607 by krileon
I've linked your thread with the original as follows.

The date is stored in database as DB safe 0000-00-00 00:00:00. The problem is when API is used to generate the date drop-down with calendar it stores the date as formatted into a hidden input and submits that with the post. I've to reverse that and make it DB safe. The reversal is where the issue occurs and believe have resolved this with GJ 2.4.

Your freedback is greatly appreciated, but please use the already active thread. ;)

Thread locked.

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