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we are a non profit jeep owners club in US with an existing 4.5.1 mambo site with a bunch of hacked expire module, user extended, zoom and other stuff. It worked at one time, but we are grossly out of date and because its all custom, kind screwed because if we upgrade, all the stuff breaks. I've read through community builder release stuff and its just what we need to manage our membership base and mesh with our current environment. But, we need someone to help us

a. upgrade to joomla 1.0+
b. investigate/view what we currently have
c. convert/integrate that into community builder
d. possibly some small customization stuff to joomla to make it work in our scenari
e. future possible work to implement payment integration for members to pay their membership online/recurring etc.

the money to pay a educated helper/consultant to get this stuff done is already approved. And we've not had luck with others to get this done. We just need someone with

a. some experience with community builder
b. someone with excellent follow through and inititiave to actually get this done.

We've been waiting on a couple of other resources to get this done but its been dragging on and now it isn't done. JUst need it done..

Can someone help us..

the site is at

can all be done remotely, and would probably only require 1-2 phone calls to get a description of how we operate/use our membership.


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