My first issues...

14 years 3 months ago #2289 by ChaosEnergy

I want to deactivate the display of Name/lastname

but there is no field in the field list, so i cant edit

i tried to change values in phpmyadmin, bzut this didnt changed anything

i wanna have those fields still required, but not displayed in profile, but i like to display username (but not editable)

my next thing is a userlist..i wanna have an option to sort the colums..
for example show all non enabled users, or sort by id and so on

at last, i hope to get an import for more fields, like used here on the site (except the special tab)

would save much time :)

thanks a lot
14 years 3 months ago #2291 by rjschad
I encourage you to read the documentation because all of the changes you want to make are easy to do.

Can you be more specific ... for example, where do you want to "deactivate the display of Name/lastname"? Part of the beauty of CB is the ability to create lists and sort by specific criteria. Also, where do you want to create more fields? On the user profile you can create four fields (columns) and include any specific information you choose.
14 years 3 months ago #2314 by ChaosEnergy
when i install rc2 clean

than i can go to tools and get some more fields

thats what i did

when i look into my registration page, and also into profiles
i see name,last name fields
vissible to all, and required
i only want them to be required, but not visible, but username(nick) should be visible

but in backend i go to fields, and there are only fields from tab additional, not from the main tab for contact info

so i cant change, then i go to phpmyadmin, tried to change values, but nothing happend, the fields are still visible

i didnt saw a manual...
14 years 3 months ago #2317 by nant
Backend->CB Configuration->Name Format - make this Username only.
I assume on the same tab you want to keep the Name Style parameter to First and Last Name field.
14 years 3 months ago #2843 by ChaosEnergy
this worked

also i dont understand why :)
i thaught this will change if username AND normal name are shown at some places...

would be much easier if this is would be configurable, as all the other fields

another issue i found, i can disable username change, but it will still be changeable via joomla settings page (and i need this page to display editor choice dialog)

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