Terminating because of undefined header variables

8 years 5 months ago - 8 years 5 months ago #162286 by dencip
I have tried multiple time and different formats and I get the same error. I downloaded the SAVE user CSV file and worked off of that but still get the same error no matter what I do...

CB Version =1.4
Array ( [0] => name,username,block,sendEmail,registerDate,lastvisitDate,activation,params,firstname,middlename,lastname,hits,message_last_sent,message_number_sent,avatar,avatarapproved,approved,confirmed,lastupdatedate,registeripaddr,cbactivation,banned,banneddate,unbanneddate,bannedby,unbannedby,bannedreason,acceptedterms,cb_email,cb_phone,cb_description,website,location,occupation,interests,company,address,city,state,zipcode,country,phone,fax,usertype )

name,username,block,sendEmail,registerDate,lastvisitDate,activation,params,firstname,middlename,lastname,hits,message_last_sent,message_number_sent,avatar,avatarapproved,approved,confirmed,lastupdatedate,registeripaddr,cbactivation,banned,banneddate,unbanneddate,bannedby,unbannedby,bannedreason,acceptedterms,cb_email,cb_phone,cb_description,website,location,occupation,interests,company,address,city,state,zipcode,country,phone,fax,usertype is not valid

Terminating because of undefined header variables

Any help would be greatly appreciated
8 years 5 months ago #162289 by wolverton
It looks like it is seeing the whole first row as one header.
Make sure that you have the delimiter set correctly.
8 years 5 months ago #162291 by dencip
I have entered TAB. Is that correct?
8 years 5 months ago #162293 by wolverton
default is comma, that is what is separating your header fields
8 years 5 months ago - 8 years 5 months ago #162297 by dencip
tried it...didn't work. Is there a user guide or website to follow setup instructions.

I put a , in the delimiter section. Removed all the headers that I was not using, only the ones I was updating, and it took.

thank you for your help.
7 years 6 months ago #197147 by Toin
i'm having probs myself....wondering if you removed the headers ONLY, or also the data you're not using.....
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