Automatic import of user data ?

5 years 5 months ago #242773 by brainwarp
My problem: I have an external data source of users, who need to be imported regularly into a larger website .

If I have CBJuice understood correctly, there are only two distinct steps during import :
1 to add new data without updating existing data
2 to update existing data without attaching new data

Is there any setting in CBJuice ability to perform both operations in one pass ? We have to do an update eyery day ...

How do you do that? Do you have an idea how to make this happen automatically expire in one?

Actually I can not imagine that this requirement should be so extraordinary to me - maybe I overlooked just a setting ?

Has anyone a tip or another plugin that can handle this? I found no solution.

Thanks to everyone who took the time and in the best case have a tip!

CB 1.9.1
CBJuice V2-3.1.6
Joomla 3.2.3

Many regards!

5 years 5 months ago #242795 by wolverton
No, you can't do both in one pass in CBJuice2. We deliberately separate the functions as a safety precaution against clobbering existing records. We could make a custom modification for you.

Reading directly from an external data source, mapping fields if necessary, and updating or adding depending on whether or not the user exists, would require an elaborate custom extension.
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