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4 years 1 month ago #297357 by crapouille
iGoogle gadget was created by crapouille
Hello dear,
After installing the premium plug-in, I tried the iGoogle Gadget as explained (RSS activated).
But there's a problem

Clicking the iGoogle button in preferences doesn't run -> error 404
Url is wrong

Almost, the file uddeim_igoogle.xml is existing in the folder
What is wrong?

Notice that I didn't install the /SUPPORT/ folder -> I didn't understood its usefull.

Joo 3.6

Thanks for your help

PS: message for everyBody using Uddeim component -> DONATE !!!
The premium plugin is very fun to add some options for private messages.

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4 years 1 month ago #297358 by slabbi
Replied by slabbi on topic iGoogle gadget
iGoogle had been discontinued some years ago, so the XML file does not longer work.

Btw the file has nothing to do with the premium plugins. It does not longer work because of the discontinued service.

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