How to Change uddeim's inbox headings and edit the email templates?

3 years 10 months ago - 3 years 10 months ago #300471 by livetvaccess

I'm using uddeim with dj-classifieds including the premium plugins, and I'm wondering how to do the following:

1- Change the headings of the component's front end. for example, instead of (Outbox) to (Sent), and instead of (Message) to (Subject)? because there are the correct terms for these headings.

2- How to edit the email templates sent? for example, when the user receives a message from another user it contains the sender's email address(which I want to remove) and add a link instead the user's inbox. the way it is at the moment makes spammers collect the email address of other users easily.

3- How to edit the default subject of the messages in the inbox, as they all start with (Hello username, message from xxx) instead of stating the unique subject of each message.

4- How to remove edit the default fields in messages in the inbox? for example, when a message received in the inbox it shows the email address of the other user, which is invading their privacy.

5- How to edit the text of the options under the reply box in the message, like the (trash message) and (Copy to me) text?

6- How to add a link in the notification emails to the user's Inbox? so when they receive a message they can go to their inbox to reply?

Thank you

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3 years 7 months ago #302569 by livetvaccess
Could someone answer please?

Thank you

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