Use "Radio Field" as "Points Field" (editable by another user)

1 month 1 week ago #319409 by Aless76
Dear Joomlapolis staff,
I created my CB network with several types of users: "clubs", "companies" and "registered users" (no one is moderator).
Now I'd like to mark "registered users" as "standard" or "recommended". The problem is that I want "clubs" to be able to decide which "registered users" should be marked as "standard" and which ones should be marked as "recommended".

(to explain better, just think about a list of hotels... I don't want a rating or points system made by tourists... I just want to make hotels recommended or not...)

I suppose I need "clubs users" to be able to edit the "registered users" profiles.

I found that only "points field" and "rating field" can be edited by another user (but maybe I'm wrong), so I thought something like "If the registered user get a score higher than 0 he becomes "recommended", if he has "0" he's just "standard".. (probably I will need autoactions too)

So I'd like to ask you if it's possible to use "Radio Fields" with the values "standard" and "recommended" instead of "points field".
Is it possible to make "Radio field" editable by another user (not moderator)?
That's because in this way everything would be simpler...

Maybe can I use another solution? Another type of field? Can you suggest me anything?

Thanks in advance for the help!


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1 month 6 days ago #319421 by beat
Dear Alessandro,
First of all, thanks for your search before posting your question.

Indeed, there is no core CB functionality to allow a user B from a group GB to edit a field on the user profile from another user A from another group GA. Only CB Moderators can do this, but then for all profile fields.

I have also checked CB Core Fields Ajax that can allow a Joomla ACL group to edit a field from all users in the profile with Ajax, but it requires also profile edit permissions.

And ACL edit permissions are not per profile field nor per tab, but only for all profile fields.

I don't have a solution for this out of the box, without quite some coding, but I have added a FR tracker item so that we can discuss this in the CB Team:

So short answer: don't think it's possible at this stage without some coding.

Long answer: you could probably use CB Auto-Actions to modify with some of PHP code the behavior of the "points field" or "rating field", but such a development is out of scope of our forum support.

Leaving this thread open, maybe a better idea pops up in the next days, maybe from another community member, or from another CB Team member... ?

Beat - Community Builder Team Member

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1 month 5 days ago #319431 by Aless76
Hi Beat,
thanks for your answer and support. I will try to use "points field" and "CB autoactions" as I was considering at the beginning. Somehow it should work (at least teorically speaking)... :-)

In any case I hope I gave CB developers a good idea for future "fields" features.

Thanks again!


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3 weeks 5 days ago - 3 weeks 5 days ago #319573 by krileon
The points field will fire the onAfterUserUpdate trigger. Using the below you can condition against the field changing values during profile edit in backend and frontend. You can perform whatever action you like during this.

Triggers: onAfterUserUpdate, onAfterUpdateUser
User: Automatic
Access: Everybody
Conditions (custom value)
1: [var1_FIELD_NAME] Not Equal To [var3_FIELD_NAME]

With the above FIELD_NAME should be set to the name of your points field.

Kyle (Krileon)
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