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[UPDATE] Captcha 1.0 image/DB question (CB 1.1)

15 years 3 months ago #89469 by amerikanerin
[Paid for subscription, upgraded to CB 1.2, Captcha 2.2 and it all works great, except the ajax username message is weird..."got here" instead of "username available" or something like that!]

I've installed the Captcha 1.0 plugin on CB 1.1 on J!1.0.15 and the security image does not appear with the Security Code field. I've tweaked the parameters ad nauseum and can't make it work.

I read elsewhere that there is a database issue with 1.1 and that it's a good idea to upgrade to 1.2, but my site was built by a currently AWOL programmer and I am afraid that if I try to upgrade, my site (8 months of work) will implode!

Is there any way to fix the database issue? Can these work together? Or is upgrading the only option? I guess if that's the only way, I can back it all up and give it a try.

Any advice would be gratefully received!


P.S. Big thanks to Joomlapolis for creating such wonderful tools! Even though I'm struggling to learn how to use them, I know the problem can be fixed.

Post edited by: amerikanerin, at: 2009/02/24 20:00

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