Make some profile tabs visible, some not

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Make some profile tabs visible, some not was created by trustimony
I am new to Joomla and CB. I am currently just experimenting with it and I'm sure there's a way to do this. I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

I am trying to use the registration/profile page as a type of control panel...where the registered user can maintain information that is available for use in other parts of the site...not just in the CB profile.

I would like to allow the registered user to be able to edit several tabs on their own profile but I only want some of those tabs visible by site visitors and other registered users.

When I set the field/tab permissions to "Author", the registered user cannot see that tab or field. If I set the permissions to "Registered" they, and all other registered users, can see the whole profile. I want to be able to restrict a tab from viewing by everyone except for the author him/herself.

Can someone tell me how this can be done? How do I restrict viewability and access to tabs/fields to just the author him/herself?


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