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Hi at all,
iam working on a CB-Template that integrates very well in all yootheme templates by getting its module css stylings...it looks pretty gooood but i got 1 problem - Iam sure some of the developers here can help me with it ;) I know how to get fields like this: [code:1]echo $user->username; [/code:1] I know how to get Tab Positions by this: [code:1]echo $userViewTabs["cb_head"];[/code:1] and so on...BUT I DONT KNOW how to load a Tab direct ! I mean not to load the position and all tabs in it - Just one Tab like "Portrait" or something like that...Please tell me how to...:(

My System: Joomla 1.5.8, CB-RC4, and a lil core hack to make the new template display correct ;)

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