javasciprt couldn't be load

13 years 5 months ago #82610 by autga
javasciprt couldn't be load was created by autga

I want to add javascript code add comprofiler.html.php

but my javascript doesnt want loaded.

only the default code only.

why it can be like this.

I add this code at cbfrmsubmitbutton function.
under If "on user filed".

after line 1202

[code:1]else if (typeof(me)!='undefined' && (me.value != ""«») && (me.value != me.value)){
errorMSG += "<?php echo unhtmlentities(_REGWARN_VPASS2);?>\n"; = "red"; = "red";

that code didnt load in my page.

i wonder why?

what wrong?

Help me Please.


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