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My site is now working as I have been expecting it to.
You and Guy have gone above and beyond the quality of support anyone would expect from a hosting company. I have used 4 other Hosting providers, and in 5 years have learned every trick that can be used to place the blame elsewhere, I've been blamed, my programs have been blamed, my Internet Service Provider has been blamed, I've gone in a lot of circles trying to get an honest answer and some level of support, other than poor, from these hosting companies.
I now realize and appreciate the extra effort you have gone through for me and want to let you know The SSL Certificate you installed is Perfect! Also the extra, not part of your job requests, were taken care of just as quickly, professionally and politely.
I have complete confidence, that this combination of CB Subs and the Joomlapolis Hosting of my site is the best investment I will have ever made on the internet, the only difference is this is costing me Thousands less!
I don't need a Mentor, I have Beat, Guy and the Forums. :lol:
I have been working on CB Subs (This next part is really important!), reading the manual fully, beginning to end once, and now taking notes and putting plans on paper as I go through the manual again, with the Computer Program open, making the entries as I read about them.
It is a feature rich program, and I envision it giving me much room to grow my customers.
I went ahead and uploaded all of it to 2 of the hosting providers I have.
One of them can't run Joomla properly, so I gave up on them. (But I LOVE their race car & Driver!:evil: )
The other one helped me add the needed ioncube, it only took us 1 & 1 :whistle: or 2 days to install it. I then found out they did not provide enough memory to my shared account to run CB Subs correctly.
I needed a new Hosting account and I found there is only one place to go for it.
:P Joomlapolis Quality Hosting.:P


I have a Members Only Website that I started in 2006, it gave you 2 choices, you joined for $19.95 or you didn't. You either had access to the Website or not.
I have 6,335 paid members and once I have the New Members Only Website running to my satisfaction on my new Joomlapolis Quality Hosting account, I will be upgrading the CB Subs plan I have and inviting my existing members to my new site.
I think I will send coupons to allow them to have a hands on sign up. I will be selling basic membership for $47.00, so I believe my $19.95 customer will eagerly take a free $47.00 coupon and sign up to the new site. That's when I use the features included in CB Subs and upsell, sidesell, just sell, sell, sell.
Sorry to take up so much of your time, but I get excited when I start talking about the plans I have, now that a product that can do all that CB Subs can, is available to me, on an excellent Hosting Provider, with a Support team who gets back to you and solves your concerns with a smile :-)

You sure are here to help me !
Mr Bill

PS: In less than 30 days my NEW Members Only Website will be open, and I would like to wait until it has been thoroughly tested before I publish the URL Address. Discount coupons will be given to all Community Builder Members, so please support the entire Joomlapolis Community, by at least being a CB Doc Subscriber and then you must sign up for The Joomlapolis Quality Hosting, you do want the Best don't you?
If you have a question about what I'm doing with my Website or just want to get on the discount coupon list, please private message me. My CB user name is mrbillsbiz

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