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1 year 11 months ago #302511 by reeg99
Will I be able to use CB Auto Action to achieve the following?

I have two fields on my CB Users profile
  • Fee - has values Yes or No
  • Club - has values Club1, Club2, Club3

When a user registers (or subsequently updates their profile), they choose the Club from the Club field which is a single value drop down field.
Via the backend administrators set the Fee field (radio button) to Yes once we receive the users payment.

What I am looking to do is automatically add the user to a Joomla Group (used to control view access via std ACL functionality) once the user has registered and we have received their fee. The group they would be assigned to would correspond to the Club field.

So logically something like If Fee = Yes AND Club= Club1 then Group1 or Club=Club2 Then Group2 etc. If Fee=No then they are not assigned to a group.

Users rarely change Clubs so I don't need to worry about moving users between Groups, so I'm guessing I could trigger the action on Login?

Is Auto Action going to offer a solution?
1 year 11 months ago #302531 by krileon
You're changing their Fee field in backend already. Why not just change their usergroup at the same time? Regardless yes CB Auto Actions can assign usergroups based off the value of a field. You could do this at login, yes, or at time of profile update when the club field is changed or at registration, etc.. entirely up to you on when you'd like to make that change.

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