Please need your suggestion

12 years 7 months ago #97204 by riswan13
Please need your suggestion was created by riswan13
I'm a bit confuse with the concept of Documentation Subscription and CBSubs, can you advice what should i do if I want to have the following

I want to run a website which allow public to register, and manage their own privacy option. Ability to join group or create group, post topic, discussion, etc. give comments to other profile. allow to give point to the users (point reward-> something like karma).

1. Able to Manage group
2. CB privacy
3. Get support from above extensions + CB 1.2

Benefit (if have)
1. Get the Community Template

In my personal opinion, using CBSubs is too expensive, and I only used few items, however, if subscribe to documentation, not sure will get support from the developer

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12 years 7 months ago #97299 by riswan13
Replied by riswan13 on topic Re:Please need your suggestion
why for presales section no one monitor the forum.

Correct me if i'm wrong.
1. CB Documentation Subscription contains (USD 32)
- CB full documentation
- Plugin
CB ProfileGallery 1.2 RC
CB ProfileBook 1.2 RC
CB Captcha 2.2 RC3
CB Autowelcome 1.2 RC3
CB Content module 1.2 RC

I would like to know the functionality of the plugin, where i can get the info? Does documentation subscription got support from CB (similar to joomla praise)?

2. CBSubs
# CB Fields
# CB Tab/Field Protect
# CB Plan Image
# Content Protect
# Email Integration
# Folder Protect
# SQL Action
# DOCman Integration
# Remository Integration
# GoogleAnalytics Integration
# Post Affiliate Pro Integration
# iDev Affiliate Integration
# VirtueMart Integration
# GroupJive Integration
# jAwards Integration

Is the extensions listed on "Documentation Subscription plan" is also included on CBSubs?I would like to know the functionality of the plugin, where i can get the info?

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12 years 7 months ago #97307 by nant
Replied by nant on topic Re:Please need your suggestion
Sorry for the delayed response.

One thing at a time.

CB Documentation subscription does not offer any support. It was devised as a means to get people to financially support the CB Team in order to continue funding the free - opensource Community Builder suite. The CB Team always had a donation button but this was rarely used. People would just download CB for free and never look back. People always need extra incentive to support free opensource projects. Thus the CB Documentation subscription was created. As described here , documentation subscribers get to download detailed CB documentation and extra bonus documents created from time to time and also get early access to release candidate CB Team releases as the CB Team deems appropriate. Also, CB Captcha is currently only offered to documentation subscribers. Currently, CB ProfileBook 1.2, CB ProfileGallery, Captcha 2.2, Autowelcome 1.2, Privacy plugin, Ratefieldtype plugin, ajaxtext field plugin are offered as RC packages for doc subscribers only.

CB Documentation subscription offers no support. Support is provided from the community and things are also monitored by CB Team members and site moderators. And personally, in my spare time I try and help out as many as possible giving priority to those that have the nice CB Docs icon in their forum posts (indication that they are CB Doc subscribers).

CBSubs is a commercial offering also offered on Joomlapolis. It is in no way connected to the CB Documentation subscription. Purchasing a CBSubs license give you a CBSubs license and download privileges for downloading the CBSubs package and CBSubs documentation. As CBSubs works with and requires CB 1.2, it is very useful to have detailed knowledge regarding CB 1.2 - so if you are not a seasoned CB 1.2 user, perhaps you should consider becoming a CB Doc subscriber also in order to download the CB 1.2 detailed documentation. Of course this is not mandatory.

Getting to your needs.

Sounds like you need the privacy plugin - this is currently in RC status and available for CB Doc subscribers. So if you want it, you need to become a CB Doc subscriber.

Groups can be managed with the GroupJive component which also works nicely with CB 1.2. For forum, you can download Kuena (there will be a cool CB-Kuena integration released by CB Team very soon - work in progress here). Comments to other profile is done with the CB ProfileBook plugin (1.2 RC offered for CB Doc subscribers).

You mentioned the MyCommunity template. This is also a commercial offering independent of anything else. You can purchase and download at any time if you want it.

Currently there is no official paid support service on this site for CB. The CB Team does take on various tasks on an adhoc basis for extra fee (hourly rates are quoted per case).

CBSubs and MyCommunity do have special support forums on this site and we try and address all questions as timely as possible. No SLA is given. We also provide professional services in this support area if requested to.

I hope this addresses some of your presales concerns regarding CBSubs and other not directly releated issues.

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12 years 6 months ago #98367 by riswan13
Replied by riswan13 on topic Re:Please need your suggestion
I had bought the account,com_comprofiler/task,userProfile/Itemid,39/

please give support if i have problem

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12 years 6 months ago #98662 by sspec
Replied by sspec on topic Re:Please need your suggestion
Here is my account, I'm very glad that i had become the subscriber

I'm very impress after I had view CB video presentation, I hope that you guys can promote CB through video presentation, it would certainly help everybody to understand CB

please give support if i have problem

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12 years 4 months ago #105070 by AjLo
Replied by AjLo on topic Re:Please need your suggestion
This might be a bit on the side, but here goes:

I'm quite new to Joomla! and even newer to Joomlapolis/CB. I was looking around for a good way to implement user participation in my websites.

To be honest I really don't get the 'too expensive'-part about CB, because if everyone keeps on grabbing everything they get their hands on in the OpenSource communities we'll probably end up with exhausted developers who'll end up not giving a rats arse about OpenSource anymore - and then we'll have to pay (even more) for similar services. (And, yes you can get the cracks and so on, but if you're serious you don't).


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