CB GroupJive 2.3 RC Released!

CB GroupJive 2.3 RC has now been released and as a Release Candidate is available for download by all Professional members! Version 2.3 RC introduces a new integration plugin that can be configured to automatically add existing and new users to groups based on the values of specific CB fields. For example, with this integration plugin CB GroupJive 2.3RC can automatically add all users with a Country field value of 'Greece' to a group about Greece. It can even be configured to on-the-fly automatically create a new group if needed.

This release also addresses identified issues and can be easily installed over existing GroupJive 2.0 / 2.1 / 2.2 installations without loss of existing configurations and data.

GroupJive 2.x series provides a powerful Group management environment for your Community Builder websites. It empowers users to create their own groups, invite other users to join these groups and your website, share photos, videos and files (new in version 2.2!) with other group members, post on group wall, schedule group related events, receive notifications (integration with uddeIM) and even have their own forum group area for discussions (integration with Kunena). And it can be localized to different languages as it is supported by its own language plugin (english plugin included in package). With the new auto-join integration plugin in operation, CB GroupJive can be configured to automatically add (existing or new) users to existing groups based on specific conditions. It can also create new groups on the fly if so configured.  

There is a dedicated website area for GroupJive and also a forum category for discussions.

GroupJive 2.3RC is available for all Professional members and will be made available as a stable 2.3 release to all Advanced members once the release candidate phase is over.

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