Community Builder 2.0 beta 3 released !

Community Builder 2.0 BETA 3 is now available for Professional and Developer members and it is awesomely responsive !

The CB 2.0 b3 administration is now powered by the XML MVC AhaWow engine technology and provides awesome responsive behavior and many built-in features (e.g., great new Search Tools).

CB 2.0 b3 is not for production sites. It can be installed on new or as an upgrade to cloned CB 1.9.1 sites for development, testing and feedback purposes only.

In addition to Developer members (that had access to previous CB 2.0 beta releases), Professional members are now also invited to download and test CB 2.0 beta 3.

This way as a Pro member you can help shape CB 2.0 and contribute to it with your feedback.

The following is a short-list of the many improvements and changes since CB 2.0 b2:

  • All administration areas have been recoded using the XML MVC AhaWow engine technology
  • Improved responsiveness in backend and frontend areas
  • Bootstrap styling used in backend and frontend
  • Support for Joomla 1.0 and 1.5 and Mambo dropped
  • Legacy plugins removed (Yanc, Mamboblog)
  • Forum integration plugin replaced in favor of CB Forums
  • Author Content plugin replaced in favor of CB Articles
  • Improved responsiveness for CB Blogs frontend views
  • Terms and Conditions is now a core CB field and thus
  • Smooth install over CB 1.9.1 will migrate configuration settings, remove/unpublish existing legacy plugins

With your help, feedback and contributions we are now full speed ahead for CB 2.0 RC and stable.

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