Community Builder 2.0.3 Released

cb203release 500

The Next Generation Community Builder 2.0.3 is here
and it's free to download.

Community Builder 2.0.3 is a maintenance release that fixes 18 identified issues (see discussion thread for detailed list) found since the Community Builder 2.0.2 release and introduces 2 new features:

  • template css overrides allowing you to easily make changes to the default CB template
  • Joomla menu page class support for CB menu items for individual page styling

We will be adding new video tutorials to our Community Builder 2.0 Tutorials playlist about these new features and how to use them (subscribe to channel so you don't miss them).

Repeating once again our upgrading from a CB 1.9.1 environment process for your consideration:

  • Unlike CB 1.9.1, CB 2.0+ is now a single installable Joomla package that automatically installs component, modules and plugins
  • Make sure your PHP upload_max_filesize parameter is set to at least 4M - see our Checking your PHP Settings tutorial for more info about this
  • Check our Add-ons Compatibility Status page before you start and have latest CB 2.0 add-ons handy so you can upgrade them after your CB 2.0.3 installation
  • Make sure that you have a full backup available before you upgrade
  • If possible test your upgrade process on a cloned environment before attempting to upgrade your live site

Enjoy this free CB 2.0.3 update and discuss this on our forums.

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