CBSubs GPL 4.0 Stable released

cbsubs40 500

CBSubs GPL Paid Subscriptions 4.0 is here and fully CB 2.0.9+ compatible!
It is available for download by all paid-up members.

All features and functionality are now being powered by the new CB 2.0 library and AHAWOW framework and we have fixed 80 bugs since the RC2 release (see discussion thread for full list)!

The CBSubs manual has also been updated and is available for download and a new CBSubs English plugin is also available for download (if you need to make language changes).

CBSubs GPL 4.0 requires CB 2.0.9+ and all CBSubs GPL 4.0 RC1 and RC2 users should upgrade to the stable release.

The upgrade process is a simple install over (take full backup first) of all needed elements. All your configuration settings are kept.

Now that CBSubs 4.0 stable is finally here, we will be switching to fast track releases and nightly builds just like our CB 2.0+ process.

Discuss this on our forums.

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