CB Query Field 5.0 released!


CB Query Field 5.0.2 has been released for CB 2.0.13+
Professional+ members can download

With this new release you are now able to create query fields that dynamically auto-refresh when other CB fields change (think of chained fields like country, state, city combinations).

Here is a brand new USA State, City, Zip code tutorial that will help you understand this new functionality.

The CB Query Field add-on lets you create as many CB fields as you want that take their options from a database query.

Once installed and published you will see 4 new field types available when you create new CB fields:

  • Query
  • Query Check Box (Multiple)
  • Query Drop Down (Multi-select)
  • Query Drop Down (Single Select)
  • Query Radio Buttons

We also have some cool CB Query field video tutorials that you can watch.


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