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Ok, looks like it's time for another update. I think this one everyone will get pretty excited over. The long over do uploading of media directly on an activity or comment stream is coming. Check out a preview below.

First and foremost you can not upload during an edit. Uploads are only allowed on new posts. This applies to both activity and comments. A new button is added to the toolbar to toggle the upload functionality as shown below.

You can upload photos, files, videos, and music files. You can also upload multiple at once! The uploads are done immediately and do not wait for the post to be complete. You can also click the previews to open the modal window for each upload to see its full display. Once uploaded and posted you should see the media displays as follows.

As you can see it's the same display as seen in CB Gallery activity logged by CB Auto Actions. Except now it can group together ANY media type instead of only photos as it previously did. All uploads are also consolidated in a generated folder as shown below.

Uploads will always be placed in this folder. If the folder already exists it will of course use the existing folder. It can be freely renamed, description added, or even unpublished if necessary. If it does not exist one will be created for the user. Media in this folder can be freely moved around after upload as well and it will still display on the stream.

One thing to keep in mind is stream uploads are always linked to the posters profile. So they are always profile gallery uploads. All of this and more will be coming with CB Gallery 2.1.0 release. A nightly build for CB Auto Actions will also be made available so these uploads don't generate new activity entries.


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krileon replied the topic: #296262 6 years 3 months ago
Just another update. CB Gallery can now handle md5 and sha1 checksums for file types. In addition to this EXIF data for photos can be parsed. Both of these new features are disabled by default. Take a look at the EXIF parse below.

The above will be available with the next CB Gallery nightly build. A lot more is coming. Check out progress on CB Gallery 2.1.0 below.

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krileon replied the topic: #295942 6 years 4 months ago
Ok, this has officially been implemented. Look forward to a nightly build either today or sometime this weekend. You will need to update CB Auto Actions, CB Activity, and CB Gallery to latest nightlies once released to take full advantage of this. It's enabled by default. It can be disabled per stream or globally. Currently you will not be able to disable it per Joomla menu item or module yet as I need to make improvements to CB to allow plugins to extend other plugins Joomla menu and module parameters.
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krileon replied the topic: #295723 6 years 4 months ago
Few things changed. Uploads from a stream will now use a unique asset tied to the posters profile. So the asset will always be profile.PROFILE_ID.uploads. This includes the folder they're uploaded to. Regular profile streams will show these uploads, but what it means is you could keep stream uploads completely hidden or be a separate gallery if you so choose. Next up is if the upload is a photo, video, or music file it'll bypass upload approval as configured for profile galleries. Files will not ignore approval if enabled. I've also implemented management of the uploads directly from activity edit as shown below.

So this functionality is more or less done for activity. It'll be extended to also work with comments. Then parameters will be added to toggle uploading off and on. You won't have to wait for CB Gallery 2.1.0 for this functionality either. Once implementation is complete and testing is done we'll release a build with the functionality ready to go. I'm expecting to be done early next week with this implementation.
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Yes!! I can't wait :)

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