Help Us Help You

If you need help in any way, shape, or form. Please use the following advice.

  1. Read all the articles in the Frequently Asked Questions section
  2. Read our documentation.
  3. Hav you gone hrough our Getting Started articles?
  4. Have you read the documentation? The CB Primer Book is free. Please download it and read it.
  5. Have you seen our free video tutorials?
  6. Search forum for the solution.

None of the above resolve your issue?

Some general guidelines you can check are:

  1. Have you followed all aspects of the installation guide?
  2. Is CB login module published and joomlas unpublished?
  3. Is CB registration independent of Joomla's?
  4. Is Joomla registration disabled (J25 -> User -> Options)?
  5. Is your webhost using PHP 5.2.4 or better?
    Community Builder will not work on PHP 4.
  6. Is CB and Joomla up to date?
    We cannot debug or address issues in older versions as they may have been resolved already.
  7. Is your CB default template enabled in plugin management?
  8. Does using default Joomla template resolve your issue?
    If yes, then issue is with your specific template and needs to be addressed by your template provider.
  9. Have you disabled CB plugins 1 by 1 to check is issue resolved?
    Sometimes issues are caused by extra (non CB Team) installed CB plugins. Please disable these and see if issue is resolved.
  10. Have you disabled Joomla modules 1 by 1 until resolved work?
    Sometimes your website pages will break because of issues with one of your Joomla modules.
  11. Have you disabled Joomla plugins 1 by 1 until resolved work?
  12. Have you checked your browser error console for Javascript errors?
  13. Run all CB tools? Check is everything is green. If not follow instructions given by tools check to resolve. See if your issue is also resolved after fixing CB Tools reported issues.
  14. Does a fresh Joomla and CB install work? (in subfolder without replacing current site)
  15. Is your webhost PHP memory limit set high enough? (memory_limit)
  16. Is your webhost PHP timeout limit set high enough? (max_execution_time)
  17. Have you checked permissions from joomla backend? (should be all green)
  18. Have you disabled and purged Joomla cache?
  19. Have you disabled and purged Browser cache?
  20. Have you disabled and purged host cache?
  21. Have you disabled sef?
    Sometimes SEF (mainly third-party extensions) cause issues.

None of that help? Create a new forum post (if you are an Advanced, Professional or Developer member, then please use the relevant forums) with this information:

  1. Exact PHP version.
  2. Exact CB version - please note that if you are using an earlier CB version you will be asked to update to latest.
  3. Exact Joomla version - please note that you will be asked to update to latest Joomla in your series.
  4. Detailed description of problem. (screenshots? link?)
  5. Any error messages reported with Joomla debug mode on and error reporting set to maximum?
  6. Any error messages reported with your hosts error log?
  7. Any ACL modification components? (JACL, etc..)
  8. Any SEF components? Does turning off SEF resolve the issue?
  9. Have you moved or encrypted the Joomla configuration.php file?
  10. Upgrade from CB version ?? or fresh install?
  11. Migrated from Joomla version ?? or fresh install?
  12. What browser is issue present in? Is issue browser specific?
  13. If you are posting on the Free community driven forums you need to be patient. People will not respond in hours. YOur post may remain unanswered for days. If you really need support from CB Team then you should consider purchasing a paid membership.
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