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13 years 7 months ago #12424 by gareth_w
Setting the tabs to be not nested has cured this problem.

Many thanks,
13 years 5 months ago #16536 by 2kreative
I'm having an issue with creative tabs to work.
I created it just fine and it appears on user profiles..

The trouble comes with geting vids or music to display..I've gone about this multiple ways. I'm using jce wysywyg...

1) I insert code (i.e., straight into the editor..and all it shows in the pssted code:didnt work

2) I edited the html..complete with the code htm/head/body tags:didnt work

3)Used the allvideos mambot thats supposed to allow tags like this {youtube}video_id{/youtube} works like a charm using my jce editor in regular joomla content...but seems to fail when using the same editor on my profile...

is there any direction that someone could provide here?

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13 years 5 months ago #16853 by 2kreative
anyone have an ideal or can provide help on this?
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