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Official CB Public Mail thread

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5 years 5 months ago - 5 years 5 months ago #309234 by AndyMarchand

krileon wrote: CB has built in public mail form functionality. You can enable it within CB > Configuration > General by setting "Email Handling" to "Display Link to Email Form" and "Public Email Form" to "Yes".

I did exactly like you said, but then unregistered users get the "You don't have access to this page please register or login" error.

When registered users klick the "Send E-Mail" link, the mail-form opens without problems. But as I said, when unregistered users try to click the link and send an email, the cb-profile site is called and throws them an error, since I don't want unregistered users to see the profile details. The only thing I would like, is that anonymous website visitors could send e-mails using the form directly from a public cb-list, but without having access rights to the profile details. Is this possible? Do I have to change the permissions on the profiles somehow?
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