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I want to be able to immediately validate a mobile phone number given to me in sign-up.

One way I thought I could do this was by sending the password out by SMS - using an email->SMS converter with the mobile number in the body of the email.

However it seems you can't send the registration email (with password) to any email address apart from the users one(given at registration). Is that correct?

If so, how else can I verify the mobile number?

Ideally I would like a button during signup which would send a code to the mobile, and a box to enter it in - this could perhaps be on the next page?

I have created a php form which sends a random code to an email address - can I somehow embed this into the CB registration - it needs to use the mobile phone value entered in the CB signup and to validate accordingly?

I need to sort this out pretty quickly and would be very grateful for any advice and would pay if necessary.

Any other solutions welcomed. I have clickatell account.


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12 years 4 weeks ago #115911 by sungodmedia
Replied by sungodmedia on topic Re:change email address auto welcome sends to

You can of course edit the autowelcome code to CC message to another email address.

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I need to add a static email address as a CC to autowelcome, but can't figure out how/what code to add in cb.autowelcome.php. Do I need to add a $cc variable or can I just put the static email address directly into the script?

[code:1]case 1: // Email
$cbawNotification = new cbNotification();
$plugparams["awemailfromuserid"]); //reveal email
if (!$res_wemail) {
$this->_setErrorMSG("Auto-Welcome plugin failed to send Email welcome message"«»);

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