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Friik wrote:

However, I've applied some hacks to (I think it were two files, viewtopic.php and functions_display.php) phpBB3 to achieve the following:
- get Avatar image from the field in CB database
- get ICQ,AIM,MSN,Yahoo,Jabber and Homepage from the CB database
- get birthday (for age) and city from CB database
If you're interested in my hacks I can post them here or via PM.

I would be interested in what you have done hack wise.

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@Terp: Thx (Oder auch Danke^^) :). I know that the link back to the homepage is opened in the iframe of the wrapper, but I think there should be a way around this. The links have currently no target specified, but target="_parent" should fix this. I've changed this now for the profile links (see attachment).

@exrace: I've attached a zip-file with the files I changed. Every change I made is marked with a comment (// Hack by Andreas Reichel ...), so you can search for "Hack" in an editor to find the changed parts^^. The changes are applied to three files (You should know where to put them :laugh: ):
- functions_display.php: Avatar
- functions_content.php: Profile link to CB
- viewtopic.php: AIM, ICQ, Homepage, location etc.
Maybe some short explanation: I get the Joomla/CB-userid from the database by searching for the username. As there can't be two users with the same username and both systems save the usernames case-sensitive, that's not a problem. The rest should be quite self-explanatory^^.

I actually don't know if I manage the forum signatures via CB as well,but I think I'll leave them in phpBB - integrating them into CB might mean a step backward, because of those nice BBCode-buttons in the forum^^.

Btw, if you want to have a look at the forum tab I can share that one as well ;). And I must say that CB's plugin/module system is far superior and better documented than phpBB3's one (though you can't compare the two systems of course...), but that might also be a subjective impression, after all I've seen no "big" phpBB3-plugin so far that didn't need changes to core code...

(I just recognized that I left one thing for the Wii/DS-code stuff in there. Two lines in the array $postrow should be deleted: 'U_FRIENDCODES' and 'U_DSFRIENDCODES')

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Thanks for the code!
Karma increased!

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im a CB and JOOMLA and PHPBB newbie ... lol

but what i seen on your website is EXACTLY what i want / need on my website!

its not live yet but im working on it ... now i just have a question...

the files u attached to your post ... do i just paste replace them with the files in the phpbb folder BEFORE installing it ?? or after ?? is that not how you do it ?

please any advice on how i make this work like Friik's website! :)

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This looks great and I hope to see it included in the Rokbridge sometime soon.

Just from my experience with each product after trying both CBconnector and RokBridge:

CBconnector is nice and offers the wrapper, but it is very resource intensive and can slow down a page. The wrapper is also nice looking, but the url stays as the forum wrapper url regardless of what forum or topic you are viewing which makes it impossible for your users to link to specific topics and posts.

RokBridge has been great and very usable. If you customize your phpBB template (getting easier and easier to do), your site still looks integrated and there is no hacking of code.

All in all, I think RokBridge is the best way to go for future updates being compatible and for larger forums that need a slim running system.

Blue Skies!

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@ Friik are you using some SEF 404 or other plugin for SEO?
I mean your urls to profiles.

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