CBSubs 2.0 is here with new powerful features!

9 years 8 months ago - 9 years 8 months ago #199701 by beat
This thread discusses the announcement CBSubs 2.0 is here with new powerful features! .

We're pretty proud here of CBSubs 2.0: We have been working on CB 2.0 and on CBSubs 2.0 all last months in parallel, and have used new engineering techniques to achieve a few very general-purpose engines that we are using in both CBSubs 2.0 and in CB 2.0.

We are using CBSubs 1.3 Beta and RC releases (and now CBSubs 2.0) since a few months. There has been a test-team for CBSubs 1.3 Beta releases and for RC releases (which were also available to Developer membership level here). And there is the CB Team who also tested a lot. All of this allowed us to test live and fix many issues to make sure that CBSubs 2.0.0 is not the most advanced memberships system, but also the most stable one.

I would like to thank very much the CBSubs customers and the Developer Members for their support, as well as individual customers who contributed to the development cost of new payment gateways.

Special Thanks also to Kyle who developed new payment gateways and integration plugins.

Finally special thanks also to Nick, who wrote over 100 new pages to the CBSubs manual, documenting new features and new use-cases. The manual is now 600 (!) pages long, and is really inspiring new business ideas and models of things that could not be done before.

We have tried to make CBSubs a complete solution for the sale and marketing of web content, and we are very happy with the result. We are using it here very successfully, and the new features of CBSubs 2.0 have helped us improve the service, customer satisfaction and the net result significantly.

A *lot* of the engines which run CBSubs 2.0 automations are now flowing into our next major release: Community Builder 2.0, and we're very excited by this.

Ok, for those looking at the detailed list of new features and of bug fixes, here it is: a whooping 67 new features and 92 bug-fixes for CBSubs 1.2.2, and 14 bug-fixees for CBSubs 1.3 RC releases:

New Feature (67)

#3492 Add Content plugins firing on website thank you texts and on thank you emails
#3488 Use HTML editor in Mailer instead of text editor and strip tags in non-HTML mode
#3485 Promotions are now able to display the discount price, percent, and promotion text within the plan's and its subscriptions pricing and description area
#3481 Integration plugin folderaccess: Add support for MD5 and SHA1 passwords
#3480 GroupJive integration plugin: GroupJive 2.4+ support: Add support for parent group
#3475 CB Admin module takes in account permissions in CBSubs
#3463 Gateway PayPal: detect and log if PayPal account exists or not, and adapt "using your paypal account" language string accordingly (and change Paypal to PayPal)
#3461 Mailers should support view access levels groups-condition of user
#3460 Promotions should support view access levels groups-condition of user
#3444 Add Backend permissions in Joomla 2.5+
#3436 Gateways: Add View Access Levels, so e.g. good customers can use offline methods, and administrators can use "free offline gateway if needed"
#3421 Allow plan subscription related substitutions in CB URL and SQL Actions plugins
#3401 Allow plan subscription related substitutions in CB Fields plugin (and document CB user-substitutions in admin area)
#3393 Gateway: Offline: Add parameters for Thank You texts for Pending and Completed offline payments
#3388 Gateway Paypal: Add In-application refunds
#3387 Gateway Offline: Add refunding recording
#3386 Gateway Swiss PostFinance: Add In-application refunds
#3385 Gateway Dummy: Add In-application refunds
#3384 Gateway 2Checkout: Add In-application refunds
#3383 Gateway AIM: Add In-application refunds
#3367 Gateway Paypal: Use Paypal API to unsubscribe from automated payment subscription instead of displaying button and forcing user to login to paypal to do it himself (allows auto-unsubscribe on auto-recurring plans upgrades)
#3299 J2.5: Improved Groups and View Access Levels management for plans
#3269 Offline order and payment handling without end-customer online actions, in the frontend by moderators with corresponding ACL permissions
#3255 Allow History view without license key to be able to troubleshoot any license activation issues
#3199 Gateway Ogone: Add In-application refunds
#3198 Admin section: Add In-application refunds
#3192 Taxes plugin: Add Monthly tax reports
#3183 Improve CSS markup for integer prices display
#3182 Add rounding to nearest 25 cents to roundings selections
#3181 Allow formatting of primary / secondary / prices in other currencies display
#3152 Rounded template: Add layered PSD image to the ZIP file
#3151 GroupJive Integration plugin: Support GroupJive 2.5+
#3150 VirtueMart integration plugin: Add VirtueMart 2.0 support for usergroups and shoppergroups
#3149 Administration: Baskets view: Filter baskets by taxed status
#3147 Administration: Add button "View Invoice" on baskets view instead of the less intuitive link on the currency to display the invoice
#3146 Display multiple invoices from basket view
#3100 Gateways 2Checkout: Make 2Co (twocheckout) a separately installable gateway and not core anymore (this adds support for auto-recurring 2co payements)
#3096 Add statistics by month and by week
#3095 Add statistics of payments by country
#3078 New gateway: TeleMoney EasyPay with hosted page (Singapore and Maylaisia, acquiring bank: DBS)
#3077 New gateway: eWAY with hosted page (Australia, New Zealand, UK)
#3073 Alternate payment basket user-interface to select payment method using radios instead of buttons
#3072 Currencies on a per-gateway (and for Ogone for a per-method) basis
#3071 Add Currency-selector at Ordering and payment checkout
#3064 Templatability: move credit-card icons to the CBSubs templates
#3015 Add red membership icon to rounded template
#2969 New gateway: CIC Credit Mutuel with hosted page (Single payments, France)
#2968 Piwik integration with full Ecommerce tracking
#2953 New gateway: WorldPay Business Gateway with hosted page (Single- and Auto-recurring payments, 45 countries, headquartered in UK)
#2874 New gateway: QuickPay (Single-payments, Denmark)
#2840 Basket timeouts admin-settable
#2770 PostAfPro integration: Update PAP Library to
#2768 Improve statistics with filters, graphs, sales and payments tracking and per product-filtering
#2767 Emails (plan, email integration and massmailer) and Thank-You texts Add plan related event day substitution support to CBSubs emails
#2739 Gateway Ogone production release 04.87: Add Arabic and Hungarian languages selection and precise description for 3D pop-up.
#2688 Short-url handler for gateways, already used for CIC Credit Mutuel
#2685 New gateway: Moneris eSELECTplus (Canada)
#2609 Make CBSubs language plugins iso code compatible
#2589 Invoice number format supports now more than basic [FIELDNAME] substitutions
#2296 Allow content bots in CBSubs description / email fields and CB substitutions also
#2066 Timed Marketing emails
#1472 Continuous custom invoices numbering
#1467 Front-end administration (upgrades/renewals/unsubscriptins) of users subscriptions
#1460 Add filter by plan wherever applicable
#1318 Offline payments: make payment slip optional and add parameters to fine-tune it
#1307 Pro-rating instead of bonus period for new calendar-based subcsriptions
#1283 Clean gateway API

CBSubs 1.2.2 and previous Bug fixes (92)

#3495 Invoice address validation error messages do not translate (javascript validator)
#3464 Plan website workflow texts CB substitutions not working
#3458 CBSubs Folder Access not working on Linux
#3440 Calendar year with non-default month leads to untranslated language strings
#3414 Refunded subscriptions show on profile e.g. "1 year Unsubscribed on " (without unsubscription date, which is this bug)
#3413 Saw only once: WARNING: implode() Invalid arguments passed in administrator/components/com_comprofiler/library/cb/cb.params.php on line 2033
#3400 Gateway: Paypal: First payment of an autorecurring payment subscription with different second value is logging 2nd notification as a fraud on amount mismatch
#3398 Gateway: Add clearer message "Payment is already completed." instead of "Payment basket does not login" above payment confirmation message, in case someone presses the back button after paying.
#3382 Gateway AIM + ARB: on 32-bit systems: Due to overflow of txn_id integers payments are failing and subscriptions not cancelled
#3381 Gateway AIM: Refunds were updating payment basket's payment_date
#3380 Auto-recurring payments: Potential bug: a refund of a single payment can remove the autorecurring amounts from the payment basket
#3379 Offline payments: generate 2 Payment records instead of 1: one Pending and one Completed instead of updating the first one
#3378 Refunds: Tax: Refund Payment records should have refund date as payment_date and include proportionally negative tax too
#3377 Unsubscribe Confirmation Message: If it has sign % in it there is a notice
#3360 Basket: Setting columns to display in items or totalizers that should not be set gives warnings
#3357 Refunds: Refund Payment record: Paid date is original payment date and not the refund date, and payment-using field should be same as original payment method
#3344 Taxes and Promotions do not work with plan owner not = 0
#3338 History logs / errors log stops outputing with non-UTF-8 characters
#3283 Payment ordering when not logged in with text buttons not functional (but with images functional)
#3274 Gateway: Offline: Backend parameter for payment state setting to Completed instead of Pending not saving (also an unknown parameter present)
#3251 If basket is not displayed in secondary currency, then items display main and secondary currency (total is correct). Only the basket currency should be displayed on items.
#3250 Plans in different currencies with yet different third primary currency use wrong currency conversion in very particular cases
#3249 Autorecurring baskets: Prorating of first period applied to second period sometimes
#3248 Autorecurring baskets: Esthetic: Sometimes displays same identical amount twice for first and second identical period, instead of normally display amount per period once.
#3234 J2.5:User Groups permissions : Fix complex cases
#3214 2Checkout : Unsubscribing from 2co auto-recurring subscription gives errors
#3191 JFusion issue with CB/CBSubs
#3186 Gateway Ogone: Payment records: Address not populated from basket
#3169 Currency string and selecor not translated
#3168 Some translations not working
#3162 Promotions plugin: potential bug with not yet released options plugin: getOccurrence() on a non-object
#3155 Conditions of plans and promotions: error on multi-valued CB field-types
#3154 Reactivation of exclusive subscriptions in grace period (and a few more conditions) fails with "Unexpected condition: Renewal not allowed !"
#3148 J1.7/J2.5: Border appears around fieldset in filters of tables
#3139 Months shown on physical calendar year display are not translated
#3132 CB 1.7.1 users-list view with cbpaidsubsbot can give error cbpaidBotAclApi::getGroupsByUser function not declared
#3120 Gateway Paypal : Tax : The way tax given to paypal is rounded gives mismatches in some cases
#3119 Promotions: Coupons: When using 2 coupons, pressing ENTER key instead of clicking ADD was removing first coupon instead of adding second one
#3118 Promotions: When multiple items in a cart have same exclusive promotion, it is only applied to first one.
#3109 2co : INS bug on 2co-side: list_currency posted is wrong, but cust_currency seems correct (fixed by 2co in the mean time)
#3106 Conditions: required plans must also have state condition set to be taken into account
#3103 Gateway: 2Checkout: different customer currency potential bugs
#3097 Notice when importing users by ACL
#3094 J1.7/J2.5: CBSubs import broken when using J17 ACL
#3083 Gateway 2Checkout : Auto-recurring payments: 32 bit systems: returns error instead of completing
#3062 Basket with 2 items of different currencies, yet different of main currency don't convert correctly for the first payment (recurring payments are correct)
#3061 Content access protection error message gramatically incorrect
#3043 Conditions: Error when using "contains" clause with CB fieldtypes single select, radio and multi-valued field-types
#3026 Fixed tax amount results in fatal error with no default currency set and doesn't display
#3017 Backend: SQL Actions causing fatal error on CB 1.7.1
#3001 J1.7/J2.5 : Multiple user Groups not handled properly
#2998 Numbers format set to "Corresponding to Local settings" but without local settings generates php warning
#2984 J2.5: CBSubs module protection not working
#2982 Remository Integration of CBSubs 1.2.2: Backend: Saves correctly groups but does not display them correctly at edit
#2979 Gateway Ogone: space at end of CN name generates SIGNERROR
#2959 Gift Certificate left-over amount is not pushed to CB wallet field
#2957 CC expiration date needs more years in the future
#2940 Never block or demote Super Administrators, even if plans tell to do so
#2938 Auto-deletion of basket should not only take in account time_initiated but time_last_modified
#2914 Conditions: Dates / CB Fields Comparisons not working for date comparisons on plan workflows and promotions
#2897 Hide fields on registration jQuery using fadeIn and fadeOut causes problems with hidden parent elements
#2890 Substitutions in plans cause fatal error on import
#2875 Emailings: End date blank does not work as unlimited
#2794 Gateway: Ogone: make sure not to sef payment URLs
#2786 Ogone: Partial Refund IPN decoded as full refunds instead of Partial Refunds
#2781 Promotions plugin: Innexistant subscription in existing basket item results in fatal error
#2777 J1.6/1.7/J2.5: Backend: Integrations: Content/Extensions protection: "No access restriction for Groups" does not default to "Admin+Super-Admin"
#2776 J1.6/1.7/J2.5: Backend: Plan accessible to groups does not default to "Public"
#2773 J1.7/J2.5: Import by CMS usergroups fails due to fatal error
#2769 PostAfPro integration: does not work with IPNs
#2758 Paying an offline payment sends back to CBSubs panel and not to baskets
#2750 PostAfPro integration: update PAP API
#2743 Promotions: Coupons: Exclusive independantly of use: When 2 exclusive promotions' conditions are both applicable except for coupon code, then second coupon can not be redeemed because first non-redeemed one takes the priority's exclusivity
#2741 Gateway Paypal: without order shown (no intro/conclusion text, single gateway) direct redirect does not pass payment amount and params
#2740 Conditional date comparisons on promotion fails
#2733 Title of rounded CBSubs template wraps too fast
#2723 Clicking on description of parent plan instead of checkbox/radio or title does not auto-select default children plans
#2721 Dynamic conditions None of the following plans can also be selected: does not save
#2712 Plans image integration on userlists displays fatal error
#2705 idevaf and postafpro ignores promotional prices
#2701 Cleartext password after profile update while subscribed to plan that changes usergroup
#2691 CBSubs 1.2.2 only: CBSubs SQL Integration breaks password saving
#2689 * Conditions: preg has first and second argument inverted compared to setting
#2624 2co : Refunded INS generates an authentication error
#2614 Paypal: in Payments: "Canceled Reversal" should be stored as "Completed"
#2534 2checkout gateway: autorecurings: plan integration tab for 2co product id not visible without installing 2co gateway
#2528 Hidding required html editorarea fields using TinyMCE stay required even with workflow to hide them in plans
#2493 Paypal: NotInitiated -> Denied -> Pending -> Completed state deletes the subscriptions instead of keeping them
#1568 Deleting a user doesn't delete their subscription
#1439 CBSubs CB Fields plugin not updating $user cache correctly, not allowing new values to be used in emails
#1166 Substitution [ITEM_ALIAS] not working in payment item text

1.3.0 RC bug fixes (14)

#3410 CBSubs 1.3.0 RC2 bug: Mass Mailer substitutions need refactoring, so subscriptions-substitutions do not have same name and [PLAN_PRICE] does not have currency and price formattings (but works in Mail and plan mail)
#3397 CBSubs 1.3.0 RC1 bug: Mass Mailer should not look for owner = 0
#3396 CBSubs 1.3.0 RC1 bug: Gateway: : redirection to https needed a second click to pay
#3392 CBSubs 1.3.0 : Workaround bug #3391 of CB 1.8- causing array_intersect warning on public profiles
#3366 CBSubs 1.3 RC1 bug: Paypal: Try to unsubscribe from Paypal subscription gives Fatal error instead of displaying the button to login to paypal
#3364 CBSubs 1.3 RC1 bug: Paypal: blank screen (in component part) if PDT redirect from paypal comes before IPN (happens mostly only on sandbox)
#3258 CBSubs 1.3 RC1 bug: Upgrade issue: old files of 2Checkout do not work correctly with new CBSubs
#3342 CBSubs 1.3 RC1 bug: Ogone currency-choice does not work with method choosing at Ogone site
#3334 CBSubs 1.3 RC: In-app refunds don't display correctly the username and name of payment by_user field
#3304 CBSubs 1.3 B1 bug: IE: New Currency changer not usable with left mouse button
#3297 CBSubs 1.3 RC1 bug: Tax Report: Count of untaxed invoices is wrong if using or Ogone payments without taxes
#3277 CBSubs 1.3 RC - Mailer subject does not accept field substitutions
#3276 CBSubs 1.3RC - Mailer queued items are not sent if Last Date to email is empty
#3243 CBSubs 1.3 B1 bug: Pro-rated upgrades discounts get lost when changing user selects another currency (or gateway requires currency change)
#3233 CBSubs 1.3 B1: Regression on recurring subscription sign-ups

Beat - Community Builder Team Member

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9 years 8 months ago #199713 by nant

What a huge list ...

keep this up and you will surpass the CBSubs 600 page users manual!

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9 years 8 months ago - 9 years 8 months ago #199723 by Roland

but invoices for recurring paymants are still not working.... :(

I have still one invoice for every payment with the first payment date as invoice date.... - The Quality-Web-Portal

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9 years 8 months ago #199729 by erilam

There's so much thinks added that I don't know by what to begin...

Hmmm, I know : Many thanx to all team for this new version and respect for the work done. The couple CB - CBsubs is is an inescapable and the power of the offered possibilities is gigantic !

Eric Lamy (erix)

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9 years 8 months ago #200145 by jvande
Does CB Subs 2.0 work with and ARB payments? I've made the upgrade to CB 1.8 and CB Subs 2.0 but it appears I still am not able to recieve the IPN's for my existing subscribers thus all memberships auto expire unintentially.

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9 years 8 months ago #200146 by beat

jvande wrote: Does CB Subs 2.0 work with and ARB payments? I've made the upgrade to CB 1.8 and CB Subs 2.0 but it appears I still am not able to recieve the IPN's for my existing subscribers thus all memberships auto expire unintentially.

CBSubs ARB (including "silent posts") works fine in CBSubs 2.0, and is not a new feature of 2.0.

Please note that this is the announcement discussion thread and a not technical support sub-forum. Also please do not double-post, (you already posted correctly here: ). Thank you for your understanding.

Beat - Community Builder Team Member

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