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4 years 2 months ago #275126 by nant

dirtydavid wrote: This works fine for fields defined in the component, but I cannot find a way to display new field names in different languages.

In 1.9 and earlier we used user defined fields like this:

DEFINE ('cb_english','English (Native)');
DEFINE ('cb_englishok','English (Good)');
DEFINE ('cb_englishbad','English (Poor)');

DEFINE ('cb_german','German (Native)');
DEFINE ('cb_germanok','German (Good)');
DEFINE ('cb_germanbad','German (Poor)');

DEFINE ('cb_dutch','Dutch (Native)');
DEFINE ('cb_dutchok','Dutch (Good)');
DEFINE ('cb_dutchbad','Dutch (Poor)');

DEFINE ('cb_spanish','Spanish (Native)');
DEFINE ('cb_spanishok','Spanish (Good)');
DEFINE ('cb_spanishbad','Spanish (Poor)');

I have tried adding these fields into the original language files and into the language over ride files but they do not display.

If this has now been discontinued, how do we define new fields on a multi lingual site?


Hi dirtydavid!

You need to use the new format of the language files.

So instead of DEFINE statements you would just add your language strings in each language file with keys like:

'Language_key' => 'Translation',

Please see the CB Primer to learn more about language plugins for CB 2.0.

If you need more help please post on the free forums for free community driven support or upgrade you membership (and ths help keep CB free) to get support from CB Team members.
4 years 1 month ago #276393 by NicoFaaij
I just cannot get this overwrite plugin worked for GJ 3.0.1 strings.

Maybe because the GJ plugins are at the bottom of the plugin list and executed later? But I cannot get the CB Language Override plugin under the CB GroupJive ... plugins as they are from another type. They are from type "user/user/plug_cbgroupjive/plugins" instead of "user".

So when I add
'About'	=>	'Over',
'GROUP_USERS'	=>	'Gebruikers',
at the end of the array in /components/com_comprofiler/plugin/language/nl-NL/cbplugin/cbgroupjiveabout-language.php it works fine.

But when I put
defined('CBLIB') or die();

return	array(
'About'	=>	'Over overwrite test',
'GROUP_USERS'	=>	'Gebruikers overwrite test',
in /components/com_comprofiler/plugin/language/nl-NL/cbplugin/cblanguageoverride-language.php it doesn't overwrite, while the plugin is enabled.

Any idea what goes wrong here?
4 years 1 month ago #276947 by gigayf

I'm having exactly the same problem that NicoFaaij describes. Is there some kind of "cblanguageoverride" for the GJ plugins? Or any way to install another "modified" instance of the language override plugin for all of the GJ plugins that allows to put it at the end of those plugins?

By the way this would also be needed for the CB Subs plugins since those are also of a different type and listed below the "CB Language Override" plugin.

Thank you for the help!!
3 years 6 months ago - 3 years 6 months ago #284789 by Intellitech
Hi nant.
I figured out the problem and all is working now!

nant wrote: Community Builder 2.0 Tutorial #36.
CB Language Override plugin and how to use it.

Tutorial Playlist: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLp0puRITgC7PuyzPsMUECDI46VE7IFSAX


  1. Install plug_cblanguageoverride.zip using CB Plugin Management page
  2. Always keep CB Language Override plugin last in CB Plugin Management page list
  3. Publish CB Language Override plugin
  4. Copy component->com_comprofiler->plugin->user->plug_cblanguageoverride->language->default_language->language.php file to component->com_comprofiler->plugin->language->wx-yz->cbplugin->cblanguageoverride-language.php (replace wx-yz with your installed language, e.g. en-gb)
  5. Copy component->com_comprofiler->plugin->user->plug_cblanguageoverride->language->default_language->admin_language.php file to component->com_comprofiler->plugin->language->wx-yz->cbplugin->cblanguageoverride-admin_language.php (replace wx-yz with your installed language, e.g. en-gb)
  6. add language override definitions to your cblanguageoveride- files as needed.
  7. See video #36 for example usage

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