Community Builder 2.0.6 Released

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Community Builder 2.0.6 Released

Official Package name: (make sure this is what you downloaded)

Change log:

Bug List:

5091 step by step tabs showing clickable tabs
5089 Password encryption using JFactory for empty user instead of JUser
5086 IE: Tooltip content max-height calculation wrong
5085 CBframework::now() can be slightly different from CBLib\Application::StartTime()
5080 Installer footer and credits footer have 2014 copyright
5077 Timeago usage uses wrong offset
5071 Blogs requiring approval and set to Registered are posted in published state and Public view and no notifications are sent for approval
5070 Admin file manager FTP usage error
5067 Public Email form fails when user is logged in
5065 Connections access denied does not inform the user to login
5062 Creating a new field marked as required, readonly and searchable gives: Error Failed to save Field member test because: Calculated fields cannot be searchable!
5060 Tooltip height not calculated
5055 Datetime picker labels should be offset
5048 If tooltip title is longer than the width it causes the title to overflow
5045 Last views not storing as UTC
5042 Video field fullscreen button non-functional
5038 backend list filters using index instead of value in sql
5037 backend multiselect filters do not function
5036 backend date filters do not function
5035 backend filter joins not functioning
5032 "Update Now" button in CB admin module goes to instead of updating. Should be renamed to "Learn more" + a new "Update now" button created there
5031 Implement shutting off Joomla cache on pages where CBs spoof check is called
5026 Userlist URL building and Itemid parsing missing listid
5018 Substitutions do not work while logged out
4906 Make sure that the update server remains enabled in the joomla update servers table
4793 New user list save and close gives you success message without returning to list table

Feature List:

5084 CB API: Add getting system and user timezone
5079 Implement permissions for individual tools
5068 upgrade jquery to 1.11.2
5061 Update bootstrap to 3.3.2
5050 Implement jQuery validation rule to test file input file size
5043 Implement parameter to turn off offset for date fields
5040 update fontawesome to 4.3.0
5017 CB Blogs: add default parameter for published
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