Community Builder 2.4.5 release!

2 years 3 months ago - 2 years 3 months ago #318151 by nant
Community Builder 2.4.5 release! was created by nant
Community Builder 2.4.5 release!

Change-log: Community Builder 2.4.5 contains:

- 6 new features:
7922 Implement support for reason substitution value in tab titles
7828 Implement support for nested substitutions
7773 Sorted field types in drop-down selector of fields
7763 Update PHPMailer to 5.2.28
7725 Improve autocomplete attribute usage
7337 Implement create access parameters for PMs

- 12 bug fixes:
7961 PMS modal paging links are outputting modal display
7951 B/C API break in getTabTitle
7950 read only output cbAddCalendar is unformated
7949 Blog and Articles tab titles not checking $reason
7946 PMS reply access check reversed
7935 jQuery event cbvalidate.validate does not pass the element being validated
7932 API logins not properly establishing login session
7886 IF substitutions not capturing multiple conditions
7885 Trailing spaces in IF substitution cause substitution to fail
7883 Using a STRING or HTML getter does not guarantee a string response
7880 Validation rule JSON encoding double escaping
7859 Fix canvas name and avatar spacing

Details are on our forge as usual:

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