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Well there was no downtime because Joomlapolis has not been upgraded to the latest CB 1.0 RC2 build (like the one currently in the THANK YOU release download area).

However, I have updated all the other aspects. This means that there are some new fields and tabs in your profile. In order to get thing rolling you must update your profile and take a look at the new fields that need to be populated.

The main changes are outlined below:
  • Newletter Tab (please subscribe to the Tablet)
  • About Me Tab (take a look at my profile to get ideas about how to use this)
  • New Mambo/Joomla question in the Joomlapolitan Card tab
  • CB testimonial (please populate this field with whatever comments you might have about CB in general - all this comments appear in a public user list - see the CB Lists menu item)
  • New poll on front page

Please take the time to fill these out so we can all demonstrate the use of CB on this site.

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