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1 year 2 months ago #332789 by micheleq
CB Conditional Module was created by micheleq
My intention is to create a module that shows up to users only when they are eligible for an upgrade. 

On our site, users can upgrade to a higher (Gold) membership, only if they have been members for 2 years. I have solved this but many members want to upgrade but don't realize that the upgrade is possible.

Hence, I would like to display a module for that user only with a text like "Congratulations Joe! You can now upgrade to Gold membership! Go here, etc.

  • I have a cronjob run every night counting all members payments and updating a hidden CB field.
  • An additional query field is 1 or 0 if the count is past the threshold (24 months).
  • The upgrade plan only shows to users if the query field is 1 (I do this extra step as I have an override to allow some manually selected users to upgrade before the 2 years). 
I think can achieve this by showing the module if the user has the query field as 1 AND their active membership is one of 3 (standard monthly, semester, annual). 
ACL restrictions won't work as the Gold access is right above the registered access. 

Would the CB Conditional Module be the best option to do this? Can I do it with it? 
Thank you,

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1 year 2 months ago #332793 by krileon
Replied by krileon on topic CB Conditional Module
CB Conditional is not a module. It's for conditions tabs and fields. It cannot condition Joomla modules (there are no plans to support this at this time).

My best suggest since you're just trying to display some text is utilize the fact that Joomla won't display empty modules. So you could use a CB Content Module with IF substitutions to handle your conditions. For example you might have the following in your CB Content Module.
[cbsubs:if plan="1" status="A" or plan="2" status="A" or plan="3" status="A"]
	[cb:if cb_queryfield="1"]
		Congratulations [name]! You can now upgrade to Gold membership!

That should display the text if they're actively subscribed to plans 1, 2, or 3. Next it checks if your query field has a value of 1. Be sure "Prepare using Content Plugins" is set to "Yes" in your CB Content Module though or the CBSubs substitutions will not work.

If the conditions don't match the module would be empty and shouldn't be rendered so it basically fakes conditionally rendering a module.

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1 year 2 months ago #332816 by micheleq
Replied by micheleq on topic CB Conditional Module
It's working like a charm, Thank you! 
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