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CB Forms & Surveys

  • ieipi
  • ieipi
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1 week 5 days ago #338465 by ieipi
CB Forms & Surveys was created by ieipi
Some of us have installed Joomla plugins for creating Forms and Surveys in addition to Community Builder, but incorporating these forms with CB has been a daunting task that requires heavy coding. I have thought of a possible way to make things easier.In FIELD MANAGEMENT, we can create questions for Forms and Surveys, also to show and hide those questions to certain users based on field parameters they select during signup. However, we presently cannot showcase any of these questions because UserFields are set to show only either on REGISTRATION, on PROFILE, or on PROFILE EDIT.Is it a viable proposition that we add more options to that list, such as FORM 1, FORM 2, etc., so that we can select UserFields to display on the Forms? Everything already is in place. What we need only is to create new options of where to display UserFields, add to them a submit button, also a link at frontend for users to access the forms, and a link at backend for admin to view user submissions. Alternatively, admin could showcase the forms directly in CB ACTIVITY. This could come as a new plugin called CB FORMS.

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  • krileon
  • krileon
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1 week 5 days ago #338473 by krileon
Replied by krileon on topic CB Forms & Surveys
There's no plans at the moment to make a form builder, but we do have huge plans for CB 3.x to better extend Joomla profiles instead of completely replacing them that would alleviate this issue entirely. We'll have more details on this in the coming months when we publicize our CB 3.x development plans.

As for integrating form builder extensions generally they have support for shortcodes using a Joomla content plugin. You can use those in a Custom HTML field and avoid coding entirely. Alternatively if they've an API you can call then there's also CB Code Field that can be used to integrate with those extensions. Additionally if they've a Joomla field available you can create a CB field with Joomla fieldtype to output custom User component fields in CB.

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