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[SOLVED] CB Query Field was created by gabryrm
in my registration form I have 4 Query drop-down fields:
cb_regione (the regione has more provincie)
cb_provincia (the provincia has more città)
cb_citta (the città can have more than one cap)

the table where this informations are found is called comune_cap_prov_regioni and has the following structure

Referring to the following example: www.joomlapolis.com/documentation/345-cb-query-field/tutorials/18533-configuring-dynamic-usa-state-city-zip-fields-with-cb-query- field-pluginIn, I entered in the query field of the region (cb_regione) with the following sql statement:
SELECT DISTINCT `regione` FROM` comune_cap_prov_regioni` ORDER BY `regione`
The cb_regione field is populated by all regions and everything is "OK".

In the other fields, I have entered the respective SQL instructions but they remain empty:
For cb_provincia:
SELECT DISTINCT `provincia` FROM` comune_cap_prov_regioni` WHERE `regione` = '[cb_regione]' ORDER BY` provincia`

For cb_citta
SELECT DISTINCT `comune` FROM` comune_cap_prov_regioni` WHERE `provincia` = '[cb_provincia]' ORDER BY` comune`

For cb_cap
SELECT DISTINCT `cap` FROM` comune_cap_prov_regioni` WHERE `comune` = '[cb_citta]' ORDER BY` cap`

Could you please help me understand what I did wrong?
Probably it is the "WHERE" condition, but I don't understand what, it is the same as the example.

A thousand thanks

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1 year 2 days ago - 1 year 2 days ago #329594 by krileon
Replied by krileon on topic CB Query Field
Ensure CB Core Fields Ajax is installed and you've configured Integrations > CB Core Fields Ajax > Update On for cb_provincia, cb_citta, and cb_cap. Your query looks fine, but they're dependent on a field previous to them so they need the Update On feature to be configured so they'll refresh their display when the field they depend on changes value. So your Update On for each field should be as follows.

Update On: cb_regione

Update On: cb_provincia

Update On: cb_citta

Without CB Core Fields Ajax you will have to save your profile. Go back to profile edit. Edit the next field and rinse repeat until they're all filled.

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1 year 1 day ago #329609 by gabryrm
Replied by gabryrm on topic CB Query Field
I have purchased, installed and set up CB Core Fields Ajax and now it works very well.
A thousand thanks!
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