CB 1.0 RC2 Public Release Plan

As promised (see previous announcement), the public release of the Community Builder 1.0 RC2 suite will commence on Friday, 25.Nov.2005 (see countdown on home page). The release package will be available in the downloads area of this site ( here ) and in the our project area on the Joomla! developer site ( http://developer.joomla.org/sf/projects/cb ). Language plugin packages and documentation shall also be available in these areas.

During the 9 day THANK YOU Release period, CB 1.0 RC2 has been downloaded over 185 times by past supporters and contributors. Many installations have been made and initial feedback has been provided and documented on the relevant Joomlapolis forums. This initial set of dedicated CB community users, now has some hands-on experience and can hopefully help the rest of the PUBLIC community get up to speed by answering any questions posted on the forum boards. This will of course lighten the load of the CB Team, thus enabling them to continue working on other important issues (plugin coordination, new features, etc.).

The entire CB Team is extremely proud of this particular release as we all believe that it will prove a milestone for the project. Enjoy!



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