CB 1.2 RC4 Publically Released

As announced in the 'Work in Progress' article (here), the CB Team has released CB 1.2 RC4 to the general public. This release has fixed all identified issues reported during the previous closed-group RC phases and should be considered by most as stable quality and is already in use in many production sites.

As already stated, CB 1.2 RC4 works natively on all Joomla 1.0, Joomla 1.5 and Mambo codebases.

We would like to thank the CB Test team, the CB documentation subscribers, the forum contributors and the translation team for their contributions - without your help this would not be possible.

Please note that the detailed CB documentation (offered to CB doc subscribers) has been updated and that the CB Team is in the process of extending the current doc subscriber offerings, once again in order to thank this group for its continuous financial support.

All registered members (free registration) can download CB 1.2 RC4 from the CB Team releases download area of this site (or just click the appropriate link on the front page of this site - left column).


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