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The CB Team is proud to announce the public release of CB 1.2 stable. CB 1.2 stable suite can be installed and works on Joomla 1.0.X, Joomla 1.5.X (natively) and Mambo 4.5.0-4.6.5 CMS systems.

This "free as in beer" GPL suite remains the most popular Joomla extension with hundreds of free and commercial extensions available (165 CB extensions are listed in the Joomla Extensions Directory) that further extend its already powerful functionality taking advantage of its powerfule API. If you like the new speedy (jquery powered) and feature-rich CB 1.2 stable release, please take a moment and give us a review on the JED.

CB 1.2 stable has addressed all known issues identified since the public release of CB 1.2 RC4 and is ready to be given the CB Team stable label. CB 1.2 now includes even more profile templating possibilities, so professional template designers-developers can use their php/css skills to produce CB template plugins.

You can download CB 1.2 stable here and to get you started a free extract of the detailed documentation can be downloaded here.

The CB Team would like to thank the test team, the forum moderators, that translators and the documentation subscribers for their support during this long process. 

In order to make our forums easier to follow, we have made all CB 1.2 RC discussion areas read only.

Update (uppdated): PHP 5.2.3 required and highly recommended: early feedbacks seem to confirm that CB 1.2 Stable requires PHP 5, as CSS and JS seem not outputed when executing in PHP 4. We will troubleshoot this problem as soon as time permits, but anyway we highly recommend to take this great opportunity to ask your hoster to switch your server to PHP 5.2.3 (preferably 5.2.6 or later, avoid 5.2.0 which has bugs affecting CB). PHP 4 is end-of-life since 08-08-2008, as officially announced 13-07-2008, and since then, PHP 4 does not have critical security upgrades anymore. Therefore we are not treating this bug as a high-priority item.


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