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CB 2.0 Primer Book

The new Community Builder 2.0 Primer Book is here and now free for everyone to download.

This new resource is designed to be both educational and fun to follow. Rather than creating a reference guide or user manual that replicates built-in help screens and tooltip messages, the CB Primer takes a different approach.

It motivates you and gives you examples that trigger your imagination and spark your internal learning process.

This fun to read book is an excellent companion to the 50+ video tutorials on our Joomlapolis Youtube channel.

What’s in this book?

This book introduces some of the main features of Community Builder, the social networking platform for Joomla.

The layout of this book is somewhat unconventional as it follows a quick-start approach showing you things you can do out-of-the-box with little or no extra configuration and then gradually introduces extra configuration possibilities as they are needed. Sometimes the images included to help explain one topic also introduce elements and features that will make the reader think and understand future possibilities. This approach hopefully makes reading more enjoyable and easier to follow.

  • Expectations, installation and first steps (¬†Chapter 1 and Chapter 2¬†)
  • Working with fields and a closer look at image fields (¬†Chapter 3 and Chapter 4¬†)
  • Creating user lists and searching for users (¬†Chapter 5¬†)
  • Working with tabs, display types and profile positions (¬†Chapter 6¬†)
  • Exploring operations with user management (¬†Chapter 7¬†)
  • Plugin concepts and built-in apps (¬†Chapter 8¬†)
  • Configuring and exploring user connections (¬†Chapter 9¬†)
  • Language translation concepts (¬†Chapter 10¬†)
  • More configurations and implication tips (¬†Chapter 11¬†)
  • Conclusions and more resources (¬†Chapter 12 and Appendix A¬†)

Download your copy and let the fun learning begin!

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