CB Paid Subscriptions Family Plan Plugin

Our CB Paid Subscriptions solution (latest CBSubs 4.3.1 build) now has a new Family Plan integration plugin that implements one of the most requested feature sets - Family plan subscriptions!

The concept is simple: A family plan purchaser can invite other users as family member subscribers and each family member can enjoy the benefits of the plan.

A typical use case workflow goes as follows:

  1. A CBSubs Plan can be enabled as a family plan and parameters are configured to specify the total number of family members (default 5) that can have access to the plan. The parameter set includes email templates for invitation, acceptance, rejection and deletion emails to facilitate communications between the main family member subscriber/manager and the family members.
  2. The main family member/manager that purchases the subscription can invite additional family members to share the subscription. The invitation is email address based and the recipient is guided through the appropriate process (registration, login, etc.). Family memberhsip management is very intuitive with reminders, deletions, new invitations, etc.
  3. Each invited member can accept or reject the invitation.
  4. When the main subscription expires all shared subscriptions will also expire.

 The beauty and simplicity of the design is such that all configured integrations for the shared plan will automatically be executed when a family member accepts the shared invitation. E.g., subscription permissions will allow shared family plan members to gain access to all website content the main plan was designed to offer.

Also, instead of implementing a hard Fixed Limit (default 5) on the number of shared family members permitted, the plan can be configured to use the value of a CB field as limit. This concept can be used in many ways. One concept could be to allow the main subscriber to purchase additional family member counts using a merchandise plan.

Our demo site has been updated and you can see the entire process in action!

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