CB Content 1.4 Released!

Version 1.4 of the CB Content module has just been released and is available for download by all Advanced and Professional members.

CB Content example screenshot CB Content

The new release addresses some parameter saving issues that were reported and works on Joomla 1.7, 1.6, 1.5 and 1.0 environments.

The CB Content module is an HTML coding module (like the built-in Joomla Custom HTML module) that also supports CSS script, Javascript, and jQuery code pushing to page header (separate parameters)

Each parameter field area: Text for HTML code, CSS for css code, Javascript for js code and jQuery for jQuery code, supports CB field substitutions. This combination allows you to create personalized messages depending upon the CB member viewing the page!

A simple example is illustrated in the article image (just click to enlarge) where we see the CB field rich html code in the text parameter and the CSS code in the CSS parameter.

A more complex example can be seen on our GroupJive page where we see the Get it Now! button changing targets based on the viewer. If the viewer is an Advanced or Professional member, then the button takes goes directly to the download area for the latest GroupJive package. If the viewer does not have such a subscription, then the button will link to CBSubs subscription plans needed to get GroupJive. This was done using a CB Content module instance and [cb:if] statement substitutions.


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