CB Auto Actions 1.0.2 Released!

The CB Auto Actions 1.0.2 release is a new Incubator project that has consolidated many existing projects into one interface and added additional functionality in the process.

This CB plugin is available to all Professional members and it can be used to automaticaly perform user configured actions upon specific event triggers in Community Builder. Each event trigger action can have a user id exclusion list for user ids that need to be excluded from auto-action activities.

The action types supported include:

  • AlphaUserPoints
    Manager AlphaUserPoints (add, subtract, etc.) based on specific CB events (example: give user 10 points upon new connection request)
  • Code
    Execute specific code via URL call based on CB event. Pass variables via POST or GET methods.
  • Email
    Send customizable email messages based on CB events. Example: notify moderators when a specific CB field is modified.
  • Field
    Manipulate a CB field value upon CB event action. Example: increase the value of a CB field by one everytime a user updates his password.
  • Flyspray
    Perform action in FlySpray database upon CB event. Can be used to synchronize credentials between CB and FlySpray.
  • GroupJive 2.x
    Perform GroupJive specific actions upon CB event. Can be used to automatically add a new Group or Gategory based on a CB action.
  • Kunena 1.7
    Kunena 1.7 actions based on CB event.
  • Private Message
    Send private message when a CB event takes place.
  • Query
    Perform database sql queries based on CB events.
  • Redirect
    Redirect users based on CB events.
  • VirtueMart 1.x
    Integrate with VirtueMart 1.x.

Create as many auto-actions as you want (no limits) and also set unlimited (just click the + button to add more) conditions that must be satisfied before action is performed.

This is a very powerful tool that can be used to support many different use case specific workflows.

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