CB Auto Actions 2.0 Released!

Vautoactions logoersion 2.0 of the CB Auto Actions plugin has just been releaased and is available as a free upgrade for all Professional members.

The CB Auto Actions plugin is a very powerful tool that has absorbed functionality previously available in other incubator add-ons.

This release addresses 4 identified issues and also implements the following 5 new features:

  • Create AlphaUserPoints user if needed (Joomla 1.7.x only)
  • Custom URL strings for redirect model (redirect URL strings supported: "return", "goback" and "reload")
  • Added code model (this allows execution of inline HTML, PHP, JS, jQuery and CSS loading)
  • Added user group model (allows you to add/remove user to Joomla ACL group)
  • Action type description in list display

The user group model feature supported in this release opens the door to many new use case possibilities. For example, you can create an action to add a user to a Joomla ACL group if a specific CB field criteria is satisfied during registration.


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