CB Connect 3.0.2 released!

cbconnect-loginsCB Connect 3.0.2 is now available with great features and functionality that will interconnect your Community Builder website with the following major social networking platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google +
  • Linkedin
  • WIndows Live

There are literally hundreds of built-in social networking features that you can configure on your website. These features are described in detail on the CB Connect page and there is also a 3 minute video you can watch. To summarize with the CB Connect plugin you can:

  • allow millions of users world-wide to join your Joomla Community Builder website using their (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin or Windows Live) credentials
  • map social networking fields to CB fields (e.g., you can map the Twitter Friends Count field to a CB integer field or the Linkedin Headline field to a CB text field)
  • integrate Facebook Social Plugins (7), Twitter Widgets (3), Linkedin Plugins (1) and Google plugins (2) as CB fields and use them on your CB profiles (e.g., place a Google +1 button as a CB field on your profiles)
  • place users in specific Joomla ACL groups based on their sign-up method (e.g., users that registered using Facebook credentials can be placed in a new Joomla ACL Facebook-Registered ACL group)

Here are some screenshots illustrating the power and rich functionality that this single Incubator add-on can bring to your website. This is just one of the 31+ powerful add-ons you can get as a Professional or Developer member on Joomlapolis.

Mailer icons CB Connect Panel Help area Help area Mailer icons Facebook settings Mailer icons Twitter Field Sync Help area Google Reg. Settings Mailer icons Facebook Plugin Field Mailer icons Twitter Widget Field CB Connect Linkedin Plugin Field settings Linkedin Plugin Field Mailer icons Google Plugin Field



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